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Buyer's Agent Commission
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1 In NJ, commissions can be negotiated. All commissions listed here are for illustrative purposes only.

Don’t Overpay For Your Home

Our transaction specialists are not on commission so they are not incentivized like other real estate agents. On the contrary, they are trained to negotiate the best deal possible for you.  As a result you can rest assured that you are not overpaying for your home.  Feel @Home Realty will negotiate the commission rate for you.  Our motivation and incentive is to serve the customer!

Don’t Waste Your Time

We will spend time getting to know you so we can serve you as you want to be served. We will educate you on the process of home buying, especially, if this is your first time. We will understand your likes, dislikes, budget, and your long term goal with your new home so we show homes with your goals and dreams in mind. Of course, if you find something online we can help you decide if that is the right home for you before investing the time to see it.  Today’s client is busy and short on time, we understand and empathize with this; we want to value the time you have as well as honor the way you want to be served.

No surprises

One of the most disappointing feelings in real estate is to have your heart set on a home and then being surprised at the end bringing your home buying dreams to an abrupt halt or even an unexpected bump in the road can rock something that should be a great experience. Our 18 years of experience has taught us to create a streamlined process that takes into account most scenarios to minimize any surprises at the end. We will hand hold you through the process and if you follow what we tell you, we are confident that your home buying dreams will become a reality without a hitch.